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The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Lamp

A Safer and Better way to clean your home

The CDC says “The entire UV spectrum can kill or inactivate many micro-organisms, but UVC energy provides the most germicidal effect,” and calls Ozone “a powerful oxidant that destroys microorganisms.” Both of these methods bring powerful disinfection to your home. And those are precisely what The UVlizer ™ uses.

How does it work?

The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Lamp uses a dual mechanism of action against pathogens. The 360° UV-C light technology together with mild Ozone production ensures that your home is free from bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mold… all without compromising your health and the health of your family. 

Features and Benefits 

 - Pure UV-C germicidal light : A 38 Watt long-life double UV-C tube with 254 nm wavelenght

 - Effective area : up to 250 sqft (25 sqm)

 - Can be used on any household item

 - Remote Control for a safer use : 15 min (default), 30 min, 60 min

 - Internal Timer with Auto-OFF function and sound alert for a total peace of mind

 - Super portable : can be moved to any room with ease