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The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Bot

Have You Ever Worried About The Germs On Hotel Beds?

We Have The Ultimate Solution!

Did you know that many people tend to get very sick while, or after travelling? Did you know the even the majority of homes are not as clean & safe as they should be?

This is due to the exposure to more bacteria and germs than normal in your daily life.

We don't want you to suffer - we want you to enjoy your travels and everyday life, especially in these tough times!

That is why The UVlizer Bot can sanitize and disinfect all hotel surfaces & UV-C light helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses. 

In fact, the The UVlizer Bot was recently tested by an independent third party showing how it killed 99.99% of E.coli!

What Are The Germiest Places In Hotel Rooms Around The World?

The areas with the most germs and bacteria include light switches and television remotes in addition to the bedspread.

In one study out of the University of Houston, researchers tested 19 surfaces in hotel rooms for bacteria and found that main room light switches had an average of 112.7 colony-forming units of bacteria per cubic centimeter

MSNBC reports in a study of hospital cleanliness that a top limit of only FIVE colony-forming bacteria per cubic centimeter is recommended for maximum cleanliness.

Even without trying to match hospital standards - these numbers are staggering.

The UVBot is the world's BEST smart travel robot designed with YOU in mind.

UVBot is a smart robot with artificial intelligence and 18 sensors built in. It uses FOUR UV-C lamps to blast away 99.99% of germs and bacteria on ANY SURFACE.

But most importantly, on your bed.

Hotels are notorious for germs and bacteria and you don't want to worry about that when you're traveling - whether you are traveling for work or for fun!

Just set the The UVlizer Bot down on the bed, turn it on for either 30 or 60 minutes, and go about your day while it sanitizes and disinfects your bed sheets and blankets!

Not only does it kills germs, bacteria, and dust mites, but UV-C light has been proven in many studies to actually help prevent the spread of airborne viruses, too. 

You Spend A Third Of Your Life In Bed !!

Your bed is your sanctuary. When you rest, you want the best quality sleep and to not worry about germs, mold, bacteria, or dust mites.  

Smart AI Sensors

  • The The UVlizer Bot will never get stuck in the bed or fall off of a bed. It has 18 smart AI sensors to keep the robot going. 
  • The UVlizer Bot is the world’s first robot which focuses on sensors specifically for materials and fabrics and not simply hardwood or flat surfaces. 
  • The UVlizer Team has tested the bot on more than 40 different types of materials and fabrics for sheets and blankets, as well as testing different sizes and shapes of beds, in order to gather and analyze all data and create the best AI and sensors.

Under Blanket Mode

Remove the handle cover and simply place the The UVlizer Bot underneath the blanket on any bed and press the power button once for a 30-minute run and twice for 60 minutes.

Handheld Mode

To sanitize and disinfect any surface, place the handle cover on the The UVlizer Bot and pick it up to clean with ease!

It will only use the bottom UV-C lights so your eyes will be protected, and with no mess and no chemicals, it is safe to use around pets and children!  

Sanitize hotel pillowcases, toilet seats, light switches, bathroom fixtures, TV remotes, and more in Handheld Mode.   

In your home, you can use The UVlizer Bot to sanitize toys for your children and pets, disinfect messy areas, and sanitize devices like cell phones, keyboards, tablets, and the interior of cars.

The The UVlizer Bot fits easily into all backpacks and every suitcase! It’s only slightly bigger than a cell phone and almost as smart! 

How Can the The UVlizer Bot Make Your Travels & Life Better?

  • Convenience - It is light and easy to use, and you can just turn it on and go!
  • Pocket Sized - Convenient travel size, lightweight and easy to pack!
  • Extra Power Bank - Need quick charging on the go? It is also a portable charger!
  • Healthy Life - Don't get sick when traveling!
  • Press and GO - For clean, safe beds just press power and leave it alone!
  • Stay Healthy - The UVlizer Bot kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria and helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses!  


  • Working voltage: DC 5V
  • Charging mode: USB cable
  • Power: 3.4W
  • Battery capacity: 4800 mAh
  • Charging time: 30 mins - 1 hour
  • Working time: 2 hours
  • Size: 5 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm
  • Certification: Ce
  • Power (W): <800W