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The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Trolley

Wondering about the options for disinfecting your home or work space without harsh chemicals? Looking for the best disinfectant alternatives?

Many of us find themselves these days reflecting on these questions, in search for the most reliable and effective chemical sanitation alternative. Nowadays, as you all know, interest in hygiene and disinfection has increased drastically. But could you be doing more harm than good by choosing to constantly expose yourself and your close ones to chemicals from sanitizing products? 

You actually are...

It’s not a surprise that cleaning products contain a mixture of harmful ingredients scientifically proven to cause allergies, asthma, and other medical problems, by being endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and respiratory system irritants. You guessed it, you don't want any of these chemicals getting in contact with your skin or circulating around your home! 

If only there were better options... 

So what are the alternatives? Leaving things around without disinfecting them? Forgetting about viruses and pathogens? Heck NO!

The UVlizer™ UV-C Sanitizing Trolley is the solution! Inspired by healthcare research, these devices combine two natural concepts: light and oxygen - particularly the light wave UV-C, which is known for being present in the natural sunlight, and tri-oxygen, also known as Ozone.

Through a formulation of  these two natural "ingredients",  The UVlizer™ UV-C Sanitizing Trolley is the solution for ensuring that your house or work space, and your preferred objects are 99.99% free from bacteria, viruses, mold, and other fungi, without compromising the air surrounding you and your family. Besides taking care of your health, bad odors and other toxins such as formaldehyde are eliminated by using The UVlizer™ UV-C Sanitizing Trolley. 

Surprised yet? Don't be! Biochemistry scientists have been researching this technology for years, and recently, they concluded that "UVC light generated by conventional lamps is a well-established anti-microbial modality, effective against a large spectrum of bacteria, disinfecting surfaces by disrupting the molecular bonds that hold together microbial genetic material or proteins" (Dennis et al. 2020*).

Still in doubt? Just think about being able to eliminate all these pathogens, most of which you don't even know they're there, therefore reducing the chance of you or any of your workers or clients getting sick.